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Fast and comfortable

You can book a car just in minute! You just have to choose one of the car you want, fill the car reservation form or you can contact us by the phone or email.

Safe and secure

Free PL and CDW car insurance. In case of car broke down, you will be immediately provided with new one

Cheap price

We offer cheap price and good quality service. All our cars are nearly new. We are offering cars from economic to limousine class. That’s why our services are available to all kind of people.

Our services

Choose one of our car rental services you are interested in

Long term car rental

Long-term car rental – a useful solution for both, businesses and private individuals. You no longer need to worry about car maintenance or car repairs. The only thing you need to worry about – which car to choose, and how long do you want it. Everything else we will do for you.


Short term car rental

If you need a car for a day,a week or a month – our company offers you to use short-term car rental. We are offering only nearly new cars. Also a very attractive price. With our company cars, you will be able to move freely in all Lithuanian cities and also in Europe.


Motorcycle rental

Fresh breeze, beautiful views and good mood. All these infinite distinctive sensations you can experience when driving a motorcycle. Therefore, our company now offers motorcycle rental services. So, if you want to feel a sense of freedom, forget about daily troubles and spice up your trip you are welcome to try this service.


Car rental with driver

You do not have a driver ‘s license ? Or maybe you are meeting foreign guests who is visiting our country, or individuals who arrived for the governmental purpose, corporate executives or other persons ? We are able to offer you a car rental service with our professionall driver who will safely and quickly will take you to the right place.


Car rental

Nowadays car takes a quite big part of human life. It helps a person to easily get from point A to point B. Im sure, that you had used a car rental services before. So we can say that car rental is an excellent and practical way to reach the desired destination quickly, comfortably and safely, when you don not have your own vehicle. If you are looking for high-quality, affordable car rental service, then you made ​​no mistake by choosing our company! Our company offers a well-kept, technically perfect and nearly new cars for a really reasonable price. All RENT&DRIVE vehicles are equipped with all the necessary equipment for human comfort. Also we give our customers following accessories for free: GPS navigation, child safety seats, and animal transporting cage.

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