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Rent Rules

Important information for making a contract
1. A valid identity card or a valid passport;
2. A Valid driving license;
3. Address;
4. Phone number.

Individual person has to have a valid Passport or a valid Identity Card, and driver’s license allowing to drive the selected vehicle.

Driver requirements
The primary renter of the vehicle must be 21 years of age. At least two year driving experience and a valid driving license are required.

Minimal rental period
Minimal rental period is 24 hours (one day). If the time of returning car exceeds by more than 1 hour, payment shall be charged for one additional day.

Leaving territory of Lithuania Republic
You can leave the territory of Lithuania only if you get written Rent&Drive company agreement that you can leave. You will get 1000 Eur fine if you leave Lithuania without our rental company permission.

Rental fees are collected at the beginning of rental period. Cash, bank transfers and the credit/debit cards are accepted.

All rental cars requires a deposit (from 200 EUR to 300 EUR). Deposit is refundable if the car is not damaged and there is no traffic offense. Deposit can be held and not returned from 7 to 14 days, from the day when car is returned.

All Rent&Drive vehicles are insured compulsory drivers and compulsory insurance (CASCO). Occurrence of the insured event with the rented car, the renters responsibility ranging from 300 to 1000 EUR depending on a rented car.

Renter‘s responsibility
Renter is completely responsible for vehicle condition all the time it was rented. And he has to pay for all the fines which he makes.

Surrogate car
If the car brokes down, our you get into the car accident, we will give you other car. If it is not possible to give you other car, we will return your money back if you are not guilty for the situation that had happened.

Car delivery and returning fee
Car delivery and returning service is charged. It belongs to which city you want that the car would be delivered. Or where you want to return the car.

Returning before agreed time
If you return car earlier before the time which was provided in agreement, paid money is not returned.

You can book one of our cars in our website, or by the email: info@rentdrive.lt Also you can book car by the phone: +370 600 23 230. When you complete filling car reservation form in our website, you have to wait when your reservation will be confirmed. Confirmation will be sent to your email or we will contact you by the phone you have entered.

Additional equipment
GPS: Free
Toddler car seat: Free
Pets carrier: Free

All cars are given with a full fuel tank, and have to be returned with full fuel tank. If you return car with not full fuel tank, you have to pay additional fee for fuel.